Do I really stand her worth?

Far across the ocean she live,
Here in the Mountains, dreams, I weave,
Each day she brightens my soul,
I pray she achieves her goal.
I hardly know how she looks,
It is kind of romance in books.
Like a dream in a sleep,
She thus came and I forgot to weep.
Have no idea what she really feels,
But the very thought of her, heals.
Every moment, day in and out, time just reels,
And her thoughts keep me fed with soulful meals.
Walk in the rain, nap in one’s arms,
Frosty winter would still keep us warm.
Traversing by the wind, floating in the billows
Life and our friendship only to grow like willows
For all times ahead, together we agreed to leap
Friendship, we promised till eternity to keep
With love and respect we intend to treat
Very soon in life we promised to meet.
I wonder if I can fall in before I saw
Won’t really care about love’s law.
As normal mortal I feel on earth,
Do I really stand her worth?