A lonely walk by the Bajo Beach

Down below a mighty hill

Wind floating and fluttering the flags

Wrapped in a shabby tattered rags

I took a lonely walk along a glittering rill

Cactus spikes bloomed with a smile

In celebration the sparrows danced, while
In hope to glance, I walked passed her, but in vain
Paddy field soaked in rain & oxen sweat in pain

Toads croak and dragonfly whine
Bright day’s sun roasted dust to shine
Ghostly wind came and blew of the sand
Hopes died before the dream of holding her hand

Then came another pretty
Wished I was much more witty
There she stood as mighty statue of clay
I wish there was sun when I wanted to make hay
Like a dream and a Shakespearean play
She came in a dream and before I could say
She flew away in to the wind, choking my soul
Now here, a heart wounded, left with a scar and hole

Walking back by a sandy beach
Gold, stars and her beauty, only a divine reach
Leaning on to a big prayer flag pole
I offer her the laurels and prayers for her dreamy goal

This is simply an imaginative dream/poem born out of my idle mind (Born of boredom).