I won’t care about the filth and reek

High up in the hills

Following the meandering rills

Dancing to the tunes of doves

Floating with the wave of hopes

Tomorrow I would walk

Live with the layaps and talk

Sun would shine bright

Landscape would be a wonderful sight
Innocent, meek young Layaps would peek

Dreams, to be built, hopes, to be sought

Shyam won’t care about the filth and reek

Development; not so easy, a battle to be fought

A red cheeked darling with a rosy chin

Innocence and beautiful truth I prefer to win

Half a mortal life I have already seen

Yet another half to be lived, I am keen

Poor we tag and consider them

Because we are holding on to our greedy helm

Life at the moment that they do live

Development and education is what we ought to give:
And I am on my way for an offer of “hopes and dreams” put through a sieve