Life needs living, living needs dining

30 odd years of living. How many more in counting; God didn’t predict. Some how, life have been gifted, how I live, yet to be crafted. Peace and cheese are almost the same; both gets rotten when left too exposed or closed. Willow trees wither, virgins lose their virginity. Life needs living, living needs dining. Dark cold night, “hopes and big dreams” breaks the day. A broken dream, churned creams, wakes up the rural folks. Rattling wheels, a cranky engine drives the countrymen.

Shivering mother quivers over her baby. Newly wed lovers cradle and cuddle. Smiles smell good. Love taste sweet, betrayal sour. Trust, on the losing end, happiness at the fading trail. Life gets old. World fights for gold. Cold damp hearts claims to loosen the chains. Singing folks forgets the tunes, hymn and rhyme. Leaders busy getting goody, common men deny mortality. Knights woo dames, dames play games. A child cries, a mother denies, dad hides; truth buried. Fake happiness baked, crooked ways cooked. Grey hair grows. Human life painted with crow colour. Beauty envied, ego lifted.

Honesty hoarded.  Good living murdered. Learned wilted, crooks stiff. Dreams shadowed, whims swayed. Rose blooms, sun shines, pines float, we breath. Life goes on. Life needs living and living needs dining. Bigger feast on smaller, richer on poorer. We all breathe same life. Yet survive on different taste. Life still needs living.