Was I in Love?

Exactly at 11:27:30 Pm on the 4th of December 2006, a text message rang….beep….beep…..
It spoke the very polite language of friendship giving me hopes and dreams of the beautiful days ahead. It was a simple text which said “Hiee…can we b frens…if dat’s k wit u!u can cal me at dis number…c ya” I couldn’t hold myself, for, the hope of gaining the beautiful friendship ran deep within as I read the message. I dialed the strange cell number to hear the sweetness of voice filled with truth and warmth. My intention was just to find out who he or she was and landed up awake the whole night. Strange it might sound, and crazy it may look, but truth is what lies within our hearts now. We didn’t know our names, yet we got so close and intimate that we started weaving the dreams that would keep us bounded together in close friendship for the rest of our lives. What we do and where, were few questions we asked each other as a part of the conversation. We never asked each other for a commitment to bind our friendship with, as it happens with most people. Our intimacy just grew stronger after every conversation we had. I don’t want to write everything we talked, chatted and discussed about here in a global blog but if ever this close friend of mine reads this blog, my precious friend would know how and what I am feeling right now as I write these lines. 4th December handed over the night to the 5th’s dawn, the rooster announced the birth of yet another beautiful day. My bathroom mirror saw me fresh and smiling, strangely unusual. I could sense that my mirror was hoping to be told of my dreams and the reasons for my happiness the very morning. I tried hiding the truth from my bathroom soap and ran in to the kitchen for a cup of tea before I rushed for my bread earning job. My office room was the very same, but I smiled and sounded too happy that day I guess. Work kept me engaged with strange thoughts of the night’s talk making me smile time and again. The bright day (5th December) posted the world in to a dark evening. I walked home knitting the words and building the small little world of my own. I didn’t even know if I ever had the right to build castle of hopes, weave the dreams of peace, and soak my lonely and wounded heart in love…………….
Back at home, water boiled and I took out a cup. Adding sugar to the tea, my cell phone once again beeped with a text message. I left my tea unstirred to check the sms. The exact time was 7:14:42 Pm and the text message read: “Life is like havin a cup of t. u sit by d window, lift d cup n tak a careless sip, only 2 realize sumbody 4got 2 put d sugar. 2 lazy 2 go 4 it, u sum hw struggle thru dat sugar less cup, till u discover undissolved sugar crystals lying at d bottom. dats da way of LIFE…ve a wonderful eve.”

Once again my friend reminded me to stir my tea for the taste of sugar, Thanks a lot dear friend…………