What makes her unique?

………………………..Pema was born. Pema was shunned and left alone to mourn. Pema had to endure the brutalities of the wicked world. Pema had to grow up. Pema had to live and believe. Pema wanted to dream of beautiful life but even before she could walk properly, life wrecked all her dream ships on the sharp rocks of harsh realities.

She was just 5 years old when the darkness enveloped her existence.

Her parents got divorced for reasons still unknown. Some 20 years back Pema was thrown at the mercy of her aunty—a divine woman. Since 8, she suffered insomnia, lost her dear sisters. She wouldn’t even remember if she ever had any brothers.

God gifted her with beauty yet she wouldn’t want to believe in God’s creation. Pema barely remembers her father’s face. She can’t figure out how beautiful her mother was. More than 20 years of up hill journey, with endurance she survived. She is today an Interior Designer, with unquestionable creativity. What makes her unique?

Sleeping pills only can take her to bed for an hours sleep, rest of the time with eyes full of tears, she weeps. Detachment, she learnt very early in life. She never dreams of becoming a wife. What she thinks, no one can feel. Her wounded heart no doctor can heal. Baked in true and soaked in pure love, her heart is sealed. Human relationships don’t exist in her living memory. Friendship she dreads, yet a normal girl she wants to be.

She wouldn’t want to die a virgin but wouldn’t let any mortal touch her soul. I haven’t met her. Yet I can assure you that she talks with a voice so sweet and true and I can paint the picture of her beauty— a dark mole on her face adds to the charm of her smiles. Her heart full of love, her childhood memories loaded with hatred. Her youthful days were brimming with fresh dreams. And now, at this age (24), she is left alone in confusion. She met a man she loves but she is so scared of any relationship establishments. Fearing the comeback of her family’s broken history, she chooses to burry her love…………….

How can we help her?  Can that lucky man understand Pema’s uniqueness and does he deserve her unexposed love? ……………………………………………….