A female voice by the night

I didn’t write for quite some time now. I lost the the zeal. I want to write but some how, time just slides off and nothing gets on paper. Thoughts are full, hopping and jumping like eager young monkeys. Why can’t I hold on to one thought and write it down? damn it! Doesn’t matter, let me write down whatever comes to my mind now and here it is:

Autumn came, trees undressed their leaves.Trails in the woods got littered with red, orange and tinge of green leaves. Hills got barren, rills got frozen. Winter was coming, the alarm rang. Schools got busy, children panic of year’s yield. Sun survived shorter days, darkness came in early. Rain ran away, clouds hovered around. I moved on with life. Travelling, meeting, dining with people of diverse background, dating none, talking with one strange female voice by the night, I learned lessons of life; changed everything 😉