Memories of Megan in Bhutan

Gangtey palace greeted us
1st September 2004 it was
SNV welcomed me and I met Megan
Since then, our friendship just began
Tourism in her head, kindness in her soul
Fairness, honesty and professionalism, her goal
Supportive, helpful and genuinely kind in every role
She would just offer anyone with a dole
Time pushed and she was on a longer stay
As a manager her leadership skills was on display
Having worked under her dynamism,
It has only enhanced my optimism.
And at 8.30 am, 10 June 2006 a baby boy was born
He weighed 7lb 15oz, was 51cm long
Norbu Alexander Ritchie had dark hair and brown eyes in the Wodonga Hospital.
Vermont Streets Victoria, 3690 received flowers and messages in plenty.
Bhutan was fertile soil for her professional growth
From being an Advisor, to coordinator to director
From being a single to married and to a mother
Kinley Joy found the joy playing with her new brothers
Now as the family moves on to another place
May my wishes, hopes and prayers with God’s grace
Bless Megan and her family with success and happiness in life’s race
From being a jolly, happy and nice human, an epitome of divine human face.

(Note: this poem was written as a part of my farewell gift (album) when Ms. Megan, my country director left Bhutan for Laos PDR)