Bed Night thought on 21st April 2013

Today was a lazy, slow and “not much” Sunday. Got up late of the movie, the previous night. Hot tea steamed on the bed side table, little thoughts, some expectations, pinch of contemplation and huge smile. Life is a gift in itself when i stop expecting any outsider’s understanding. And when I stopped hoping for other people’s sympathy.
I chose to read instead. I’m inspired by the passion Steve Wozniak had in engineering and electronics. His autobiographical book “iWoz” is a nice and inspiring book. 
Listening to radio had been my hobby and I love doing that with eyes closed, ears wide opened. Afternoon went by and evening knocked on. 
It’s never been my idea to go out for a Bhutanese movie but a friend who loves movies threw an idea of watching a movie in town. I agreed and we went to watch a new movie called “karma” in the city mall theatre. It was a good and nice movie by Bhutanese standards. Not bad. 
Back home in bed now, I’m reflecting and writing my days’ account simply. It has never been a bad day in life- how lucky I m 🙂