Dear readers,
World was once belived to be flat, yet over time, the believe has changed with proofs and evidence. I am totally new to this global world of blogger but I heard that this is a great tool for young and aspiring boy like me to learn,  and grow. I really want to learn, grow up as a happy man on earth . I am on my way to learn from successful people around the world. Let me also change along with the way world rotates.

With the help of this web-blog, I would like to see, share and listen to other people on how our world is changing. I have just walked about 31 years of my life and I have seen changes coming through every moments, at every level and I wonder if people are realizing what we are gaining and what we are loosing. Are we asking ourselves if we are changing for the better? I would love to hear from all people around the world.

With lots of hope of experiencing happiness.

Raj Kumar,
Bhutan, South Asia.